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The Cafecito Club Sticker

The Cafecito Club Sticker

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🌴 Welcome to The Cafecito Club🌴

Set in 2019, “The Cafecito Club” is a Grupito of five Cubans at Abuela High School serving Saturday Chisme in the Kitchen. Each Cuban belongs to a different clique at their school. Dolores is the basket-case Espumita Bell Creamer, Pepe is the Cafecito athlete, Cucharón is the criminal spoon, Benito is the Azúcar brain, and Clarita is the princess Cafetera! Ponte las Pilas 🔋 and Join the Club!

Much like HighSchool “The Cafecito Club” is a Limited Time Exclusive ☕️✨

🌴 Merch Available 🌴

☕️ T-shirt
☕️ Sticker
☕️ Pin
☕️ Mug

    If you have any questions, Please email me at Yvette@Guavette.Shop 



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