Since we opened our virtual doors in 2019, Guavette Shop has honored the Cuban culture and history by telling the story of Cuba and taking a firm stance against Communism with Fashion Activism. Our "Anti-Communist" T-shirt was designed by Guavette Shop's owner, Yvette, to honor her late grandfather which was a hardcore Anti-Communist until his last breath. At Guavette Shop, we know this is not a trend. We will continue to fight to preserve the history, stories of the Cuban exiles that laid the foundations with hard work and determination, for generations to come, and to tell the world the TRUTH about Communism's deadly ideology.

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  • ✨ CUBA LIBRE ✨

    On July 11th, 2021 , the Cuban people started to peacefully protest against the Communist Cuban government. They faced beatings, acts of repudiation, and incarceration, all for expressing their disdain for their government and lack of BASIC Human Rights. In solidarity, Cuban Americans and Cubans all over the world took to the streets to peacefully protest the Communist dictatorship that has been gripping Cuba for over 62yrs. This T-shirt was created as a statement against the Communist Dictatorship in Cuba. It was created to UNIFY and to tell the world about the REAL Cuba and not what the media wants you to think and see. Although, nothing worth noting was done by any governing body to help Cuba, our voices were heard and MANY came to see the TRUTH and DANGERS of Communism. Awareness was our weapon and we let the Cuban Dictatorship know that we are here and we aren't leaving without speaking truth. I remind all of you that this is NOT a trend or a temporary fight. This is a life long battle against the cancerous ideology that is Communism.

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  • ✨ JOSE MARTÍ ✨

    Since inception, Guavette Shop has celebrated Jose Martí, "The Apostole of Cuban Independence". His fight for Cuba's independence ended in him losing his life. Although, he passed in 1895, his legacy still lives. We have merchandise dedicated to Jose Marti and his literary works of art because, he was a National hero and his fight for Cuba's freedom will not be forgotten. Let's continue to celebrate our Cuban heroes!

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