About Us



    I started my Guavette brand back in 2017 in the living room of my Hialeah home, as a blog to talk about food and my Cuban American upbringing/culture. Throughout the years that my blog has been around, I compiled a notebook of ideas and decided to take the plunge to open up my business during one of the most difficult moments in my life. My drive has and will always be my Abuelo. I opened Guavette Shop precisely when he was admitted into the Hospice program. My Abuelos health was rapidly declining and I wanted him to see me walk in his foot steps as a Business owner before he passed away. I worked for corporate America for 13 yrs of my life and I knew that this was the time to do what I had to do and make my own lane. There was no time to wait for anything or anyone. Everyday that I'd go visit him at the nursing home and I would tell him that I sold an item his eyes would light up and he would cheer me on. He would tell me "Guapea" mi nieta del alma que tu puedes! Although, I picked an extremely difficult moment in time to start my business, I'm very happy that my biggest fan and best friend got to see me doing what I wanted to do in life and that he blessed it. Only God knows how hard it has been but I did it all for Abuelo. Sadly, he passed away but, I know that I will make him proud every step of the way. My upbringing was amazing because of him and my grandmother and, I will pay homage to them and their memory always!