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Cuban Heritage Club Mug

Cuban Heritage Club Mug

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Cuban Heritage Club 

This design was created to connect the Cuban-American community to our culture. It displays positive elements of our culture that we all love, like the Domino and Cafecito, and the "Guapeando y Ganando".

As our elders pass, the younger generations need to take charge and continue to have the important conversations that our elders conveyed and pass down our history so that it is not distorted or lost. I hope that this collection helps amplify that Cuban pride that we all carry.  

Guavette Shop (est.2019) was dedicated to my abuelo from inception and I've been telling my family's story ever since. I will never stop telling their truth and that of Cuba. Join me today as we take the initiative to create conversations and educate non-cubans as well as young generations of Cuban Americans. If we don't educate them, someone else will!  

May we always honor their truth.  

MADE TO ORDER. Will Ship once printing process is completed.  

Mug Details: White with GreenCeramic, 15oz, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.


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In my office so everyone knows LOUD AND CLEAR !!

Guapeando y Ganando is my new life motto.