"Fluent in Muela" Podcast Coming Soon

Hola Mi Gente!


      Welcome to the Fluent In Muela Podcast page and my first blog post here! I'm so excited to share the news that my podcast will be launching very soon. "Fluent in Muela" was started to bring awareness/educate and to connect with fellow Cuban Americans which is why my slogan is "Cuban-American Activism y Cultura". Although, I do a lot of "activism y cultura" on my Guavette Shop social media platforms, I believe organizing the material and having a dedicated space that would allow me to properly address topics would definitely be best for all of us. This podcast has been in the works for 2yrs when I first bought my Yeti Mic at the Best Buy in Hialeah (lol). I then (after the loss of my abuelo) decided to "pack my matules" and I moved to another state (insert tears) and so, my life has been wild ever since. Now, that I am officially settling in and life is starting to fall into place again, I decided it was time to get this Podcast rolling. Get ready to take a deep dive into our culture, history, politics, and so much more! 

     I have so much to talk to you all about and so many special friends that I've met along the way that will be participating as Guests on my podcast. I truly can't wait for you all to listen in. Oh! And please feel free to give me feedback and even suggestions for my podcast episodes. I love an interactive crowd!

Mil Gracias to all of you who have followed my entrepreneurial journey and are now going to join me on my podcasting adventure. I hope that my voice is a catalyst in our community to make a difference and to preserve our traditional roots that came with so much sacrifice, love, and passion. 

 Want to check out our Trailer? Go to: https://anchor.fm/fluent-in-muela


Thank you again for your support!


With Love & Sazón,

Your Host- Guavette 

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